5 Day Online-Course - Being Alive - Reconnect with Nature 21-24 May 2021

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Online Course - Next Start 21.-24 May 2021 - Beings of Nature

Your gateway to find self-love and prosperity!

With the help of my messages, meditations and guidance
a new kind of inner communication and inner seeing opens up for you.

"Mother Earth, Mother Nature are part of you, helping you to live life in peace, love and prosperity,..."

Once people lived in harmony with the great mother, nature and her beings, the plant spirits, devas, elves, elements... The remembrance and conscious connection with the feminine - the creative principle wants to take hold. Accompany me in this course and immerse myself in the wonderful, light-filled world of Mother Nature, her beings, the elves, devas, elementals ... Learn again to work with these forces to heal and find your true self, to support and heal other people, nature and our earth.
During this course, we let your connections, inner images and forces come to life.

We awaken your wisdom and gifts. Experience the natural flow of life forces and the energies of nature. Connect through a guided painting journey: Colorful landscapes will emerge in the creative flow.
Then they will appear to you: The great beings of nature. They will speak to you. You will give them a form through the colors and shapes that appear to you. It is your connection to the great feminine power that is awakening again.

Simple, powerful meditations and step by step video instructions show you how to connect with the wonderful world of mother nature. You will set up your own power place indoor/outdoor. You will learn how to connect, communicate and act with your natural beings. You will awake the creative, feminine principle for yourself and bring your natural spirits to the canvas. You will find deep healing of your inner child and regain self-conciousness and self-love.
What you can expect:
Loving support to strengthen your intuition and your artistic, creative expression Discover the great wisdom of yourself that reveals itself to you in the creative process Recognize how art becomes a mirror of your inner being and thus provides a wonderful tool for transformation and change Become aware of your feelings and thoughts and learn how to overcome your inner critic Allow yourself the "creative dance": the play of colors, to let something take shape, the joy of discovering and experiencing your creative self Open yourself to nature, beauty and get your worth back With simple basic techniques you will paint your colorful background with your hands and simple tools. We will use the fantastic, simple technique so that you don't need any painting experience. I will give you help for proportion, structure, color for light and shadow, etc.

This 5 day online-course will be supported by Mother Nature and guided by Ursula Sahan'Elisa.You will experience a totally new approach for self-healing and self-empowerment.It will provide you the key to reconnection to your own beautiful essence!

Join me on this special occasion.

Learn in easy steps to find access to the world of nature. Find inner wisdom and open up your natural, creative self. You do not need any previous knowledge for this seminar.These online recordings allow you to experience yourself individually, comfortably from home, at your own pace and in your free time.
Opens April for booking -

A material list will be provided with the booking.
During the course I will set up a private group for further support via facebook.